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SATES ČECHY s. r. o.was set up in 1997 in historical Telč city. The company is located near Austrian border.

SATES ČECHY is focused on German and Austrian markets by its production of Czech granite that is mined and processed (in rough stone products) at several locations. Light grey and yellow-grey granite is mined in the Sumrakov quarry, which is located near Mrákotín city. Dark grey granite is produced in the Ctětín quarry.

An important part of the production line is the cobblestone production in the following dimensions: 4/6, 7/9, 8/11 and 15/17.

Noble stone-cutting production is centred into our Prosetín branch. The material brought in from all the quarries is processed there into stone tiles and cut (Prague) stone mosaic.

The company focuses on realization of transportation, engineering, and water management structures. This concerns mainly reconstructions and constructions of infrastructures, buildings and their cladding, sewers, etc. 



historical photo of Sumrakov quarry

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